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I would like to thank everybody who has supported me in the past, it has been quite overwhelming to know that people enjoy my online posts to the extent that they have wanted to support them in this way! 

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Dan Brown

Sort Of Interesting

About Dan & Sort of Interesting:

Dan Brown onboard Abel's Ark just after purchase and ready to start moving in.

I'm Dan Brown and I love the great outdoors. Since my early twenties I have enjoyed spending a huge amount of time out in the English, Welsh and Scottish countryside. Whether travelling by boat, bike or boot, I love to be out and about, surrounded by nature!

I am as happy to walk up a mountain in the Scottish Highlands as I am to walk on paths through the fields surrounding my hometown of Oswestry in Shropshire. If it is an opportunity to see a bit of greenery, count me in!

I create short films, documentaries and general videos that I hope fall under the category of "Sort Of Interesting!" along with writing short books about things I love (BOATS!) and a few short stories for fun!

In April 2018 I moved back onto a narrowboat, Abel's Ark, after living on dry land for less than two years since I had moved off my previous narrowboat home, a tiny boat called Tilly.

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Dan Brown.

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