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Imalent MS12 Mini. A Flashlight like no other!

Ok, so this torch has blown my mind. I was legitimately braced for disappointment when it arrived, as I simply couldn't believe it was possible for a hand held torch to be so bright!

Look at how small it is... then look below to see the sheer scale of floodlighting it provides!

I always thought that my LucaSng Torch was amazing... and that's because it is, but what I have experienced with the Imalent MS12 Mini is almost like some kind of super power to light up huge areas of pure darkness with two clicks of a button! It may sound as if this is some kind of sponsored post, but sadly with the huge cost of this torch... it is not!

Let's just state a few of the downsides here before I wax lyrical about how much I love to use this. The extreme top end brightness, advertised at 65,000 lumens is not a level of output that can be sustained for long. Due to battery constraints, but more importantly the extreme heat generated, this has 45 seconds at top output before dropping down to 13,000 lumens.

It is also listed as being able to output 25,000 lumens for 3 minutes before dropping to 13,000. Make no mistake, 13,000 itself is incredibly bright! As the novelty wears off I can see myself using the higher outputs sparingly.

My main concern with this torch, apart from losing or damaging an expensive item, is safety. This gets very very hot, to a point that I need a glove to handle it, on lower settings it's not an issue, but at the top end it generates a huge amount of heat instantly. This is a concern partly due to getting burnt personally, but mainly in setting fire to stuff at home or outdoors. The thought of somebody using this on a crisp summer night with tinder dry foliage underfoot doesn't fill me with joy. It would only take a lapse in concentration to place the burning hot torch on the ground, or even to simply drop it, and you could have a fire within seconds.

At the moment, using it for the first time, during the cold damp nights of winter I am finding it an almost addictive, compelling activity to go and light up various local places with its full power!

For the last two years I have been amazed and overjoyed with my LucaSng Torch, marvelling at the light it outputs. Now with the Imalent I am able to see these same places at night... with what I very loosely calculate to be 34 times the light output!

It is not just how bright this torch is that makes it so extraordinary to see, but the fact that it floods such a huge area with that level of brightness. When I filmed myself walking beneath Chirk Aqueduct and Viaduct, I walked close up before turning the light on, worried that the camera wouldn't pick it up right... looking at the footage later I realised that I should have shone the torch from about three times the distance to help illustrate the width of the light output.

None of the photos or clips I have taken have really properly illustrated both the brightness and the area or effect at the same time. Which has given me an excuse already to revisit some places to try and show the full glory of this torch! In all honesty though I know that once the novelty has calmed down a bit, I will simply be using this torch all the time at lower settings and loving it.

It is the very nature of the flood lighting that makes it so useful, from the moment the light leaves the torch it is going everywhere, lighting up the ground, overhanging trees, road sides etc within a couple of feet in front of me. Even my beloved LucaSng has a particular circle of useful light surrounded by relative darkness.

This is Cefn Mawr Viaduct... the Imalent is lighting up the valley and a near quarter of a mile or arches!

So all in all, I fell like I have bought a specialist tool rather than a flashlight. Not something I'd recommend to everyone but it's certainly an item I am glad to have. Not only because of how much time I spend in pitch black canal conditions, but also as a safety tool for my mountain walking. Last year even in midsummer my friend and I were caught out by the sunset on after work, weekday walks, the LucaSng was vital to safely getting down the bumpy often pathless terrain.

Having a torch like this by our side will be a comfort in those cases and in there worst case scenario if we ever did need to get help, it will likely be one of the brightest signalling tools we could ever hope to have access to!

So, just like the LucaSng Torch its a conclusive two thumbs up from me for the Imalent MS12 Mini!

Thank you very much for reading my friends.

Keep it boat worthy,

Keep it interesting,



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