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A Life Changing Torch! (LucaSng Super Bright)

Back in February 2021 I was sat on my boat during another lockdown, feeling a little bored and restless, I found myself on the dangerous track of browsing amazon... I came across some super bright torches and thought "now that would be handy!" (Lockdown on the dark towpaths of a winter canal had reminded of just how dark, dark could be!)

When I chose THIS random torch... never did I anticipate it would be one of the best things that I had ever bought, not just for boat life but for so many occasions away from the canal too! Two years later it is still in almost daily use during the winter months and it accompanies me on almost every mountain walk I do!

When the torch arrived I immediately felt it was far higher quality than I was expecting, it was heavier than anticipated, but not so heavy as to be an issue carrying it on walks, and it was solid, not rattling or flimsy feeling components... then I switched it on. Not having an idea what to expect, I pointed it away from my face, pressed the power button... and was still dazzled as an unexpectedly bright light bounced around the room!

I had one of those classic "return to childhood" moments, where I just wanted it to get dark outside so I could see what a light like this would do to banish the night time! What I saw was almost unbelievable, given that I already owned the best torch I had ever had, and thought that that one was bright, shining the LucaSng around a dark towpath was an absolute revelation.

It has a sliding lens at the front that effectively transforms it from a flood light to a spot light, the tighter you focus the bean, the brighter that focussed patch of light seems to become. Walking around under trees, along open towpath and beneath aqueduct and viaduct arches, I could not stop shining it over every surface.

I have noticed that the listing on amazon for this torch was unavailable for a while, and now it has returned but without some of the "questionable" claims about how many lumens this torch can output. I never believed the figures that were advertised when I bought it, but that wasn't important, to me it was more about knowing I was buying a very bright torch... and it certainly delivered on that front!

RATS! To put in perspective how good this torch is compared to my previous "good" torches. Once I had started walking the towpaths with this, I started to see more rats on the canalside than I had ever seen before, this is because the beam is so powerful that it lights up the canal so far away and sufficiently enough that I could see them scurrying around from a distance. Whereas normally they would have long since run for cover by the time they were in flashlight range, this torch now let me see just how many beasts I was sharing the canal with!

So, after two years of use, I thought it was finally time to share my thoughts properly on this torch, and I honestly can't fault it! It is still operating fantastically, and still holds a charge on its brightest setting to easily cover an hours walk with intermittent use, I just can't praise it enough!

So its a conclusive two thumbs up from me for the LucaSng Torch!

Thank you very much for reading my friends.

Keep it boat worthy,

Keep it interesting,



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